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The Role of Islam in Guiding the Human Conscience
What is the role of Islam in guiding the human conscience?[1]        Islam gives careful consideration to the heart or human conscience. According to ethics scholars, malady-free heart and its steadfast inclination...
Wednesday, 8 January, 2020
How are the People of the Scripture regarded in Islam?
How are the People of the Scripture regarded in Islam?[1]        Talking about the People of the Scripture [the Jews and the Christians], a Muslim may grieve and feel embarrassed for the injustice of his close...
Sunday, 5 January, 2020
Signs of Allah’s Honor to Man
Signs of Allah’s Honor to Man[1]   Respecting Freedom of Individual      Islam forbids the enslavement of the free people and it instituted efforts towards the freeing of salves. As an institution, slavery...
Saturday, 4 January, 2020
How did Islam declare the human rights?
How did Islam declare the human rights?[1]        Man was created to be honored, not to be offended; to be prostrated to by the angels, not to live with animals. Despite his suffering on earth, man and all his race...
Saturday, 4 January, 2020
Islam and Human Dignity
Islam and Human Dignity[1]        Allah, Glory be to Him, honored Adam with knowledge and commanded the angels to prostrate themselves to him. In the same way, He honored the children of Adam whom He has entrusted...
Saturday, 4 January, 2020
The Human Fraternity Document
The Human Fraternity Document For World Peace and Coexistence   Introduction      Faith drives the believer to see in the other a fellow to be supported and loved. Proceeding from faith in God, Who has created the...
Monday, 4 February, 2019

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