The Secretary General of the Islamic Research Academy

Name: Mohie El-din Afifi Ahmed Abdel-Majeed

Nationality: Egyptian

Academic Rank: Professor

Major: Islamic Culture

Date of Birth: 21/ 3/ 1961

Place of Birth: Tahta – Sohag


Academic Background:

  • Ph.D – First Honors Degree

Faculty of Islamic Studies in Cairo – AL-Azhar University

  • Master's Degree (Grade: Excellent)

Faculty of Islamic Studies in Cairo – Class 1991

                  Al-Azhar University

  • Bachelor's Degree in Islamic Dawah

Faculty of Islamic Dawah in Cairo – Class 1984

Grade: Very Good with Honors Degree



  • Secretary- General of Al – Azhar Al-Sharif Islamic Research Academy (AIRA) (7/12/2014 till now)
  • Dean of the Faculty of Islamic studies for non-Arabic speakers (24/12/2011 –11/ 7/2014)
  • Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Dawah (11/8/2010 – 20/11/ 2011)
  • Head of the Islamic Culture Department in The Faculty of Islamic Dawah In Cairo ( 19/8/2009 –10/8/ 2010)
  • Became Professor – (2006)
  • Became Assistant Professor – (1999)



  • The Concept of Freedom in Islamic Media and Contemporary Media
  • The stance of Islamic Dawah on Muslim Minority Issues in Africa
  • Islamic Media and International Challenges
  • The Rise and Fall of Civilizations in the light of Qur'an with a Contemporary Outlook  on Reality
  • Islamic Minorities in Europe: Reality, Challenges and Solutions
  • Look Out!
  • Qur'an on Non-Muslims and its Benefits in Contemporary Age
  • History of Muslim Issues in Africa
  • The Role of Endowment in Supporting Scientific Research and Spreading Islamic culture
  • The Relationship between the Mind and Revelation and its Impact on Islamic thought
  • Preventing Pollution from both Western and Islamic Perspectives
  • Hisba and its Role in Observing Islamic Values
  • Western Sources of Knowledge about Islam
  • Modernity and Its Features in Islam
  • Contemporary Islamic World
  • Features of Islamic culture
  • Freedom of Sha'ria and its Role in Building the Islamic Personality
  • Prophetic Guidance and Inheritors of Prophetic Legacy
  • Tolerance and Facilitation in the Face of Extremism
  • Islamic Ummah is Real; Not an Illusion
  • Citizenship and Peaceful Coexistence from Islamic Perspective
  • The Hassle of Takfir


Academic Career:

  • Taught at Al-Azhar University for undergraduates, postgraduates, master's and Ph.D students
  • Supervised dissertations writing for Master's and Ph.D students at Al-Azhar University
  • Participated in developing academic courses and curriculum planning
  • Participated in a number of academic competitions
  • Participated in committees for developing courses
  • Taught at Imam Mohamed Ibn Soud Islamic University  - Faculty of Dawah and Media - Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
  • Supervised 48 Master's and Ph.D dissertations
  • Examined  36 Master's and Ph.D dissertations
  • Arbitrated in scientific research
  • Taught a number of academic courses held at Al-Azhar University for dawah
  • Participated in a number of academic committees to assess academic plans
  • Delivered a number of academic lectures in many occasions
  • Presented academic visions to promote the learning process in the Faculty of Islamic Dawah in Cairo
  • Set educational program to promote the level of foreign students at the faculty of Islamic Dawah in Cairo
  • Participated in press, radio and television programs
  • Participated in delivering a number of academic lectures in different national and international events
  • Participated in committees for assessing Al-Azhar delegates around the world
  • Been a judge in the academic sustainable committee for promoting professors at Al-Azhar University
  • Participated in delivering academic lectures in preaching program designed for Azhar preachers and the priests in training courses made of House of the Egyptian Family
  • Rapporteur in the committee of religious discourse in the House of the Egyptian Family
  • Member of the Executive committee of the House of the Egyptian Family
  • Member of supreme secretariat for foreign students at Al-Azhar Al-Sharif

Committee member in the Committee of Selecting Leaders at Al-Azhar Al-Sharif


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