The Replay of Al-Azhar Observatory for Combating Extremism to the Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement Issued on Saturday, 23/2/2019

  • | Sunday, 24 February, 2019
The Replay of Al-Azhar Observatory for Combating Extremism to the Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement Issued on Saturday, 23/2/2019

     Under the title “Muslims Brotherhood’s Message: Delayed Consolation and Deserved Retribution”, the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group issued a statement via its official website, which started with a statement from the Qur'an that reads “And do not say about those who are killed in the way of Allah, 'They are dead.' Rather, they are alive, but you perceive [it] not” (Qur'an 2: 154). In fact, the verse here is misquoted and taken out of its context. the "real martyrs are those who defend their homelands against every aggressor, and [sacrifice] their souls to [protect] its soil, sky, people and all those living on its land, not those who terrorize its people, threaten their security and peace, and seek to spread corruption and chaos.

This statement openly calls on Egyptians to work on spreading chaos across their country in which they feel safe and secure, uncovering the ugly face of the MB group which it tried to hide to deceive the youth. The terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, through the statement has explicitly admitted they are a group that practices violence and that this is their habit. The group's miserable and desperate goal is the destruction of the pillars of the state, and the [creation] of a strife among its sons and create chaos that many countries suffer from.

The title of the statement which begins with “Delayed Consolation” has its significance. It is a clear call for the ignorant to take revenge and rebel against the institutions of the state and its general system. The Observatory shows that the group's unruly desire" in "revenge and retaliation has nothing to do with the instructions of the religion (Islam), which the group (MB) tries in vain to [cut] and use its teachings to serve their malicious purposes.

The statement clearly mentions that the group and the regime are at the crossroad and that they reached the mid-way. So, they should continue otherwise they will never save the past or the future. Those who meticulously read the books written by the MB group will understand how fanatic and deviant they are from true understanding of religion. What they do cannot serve the teachings of this religion whose Prophet came with mercy. Moreover, their view towards the society is rigid and unchangeable. The society follows, in their view, the path of Jahiliyyah and adopts the laws of disbelief. So, the idea of revolting against the society is deeply rooted in their approach. Nothing would demonstrate this idea better than what is written by Sayed Qutb about Hakimyyah and Jahilyyah, declaring the governments and the Muslim societies as disbelievers, on the pretext that they do not judge by the rule of Allah. The statement tried to support their view through quoting a poetry written by this extremist to inspire young ‎people and encourage them to kill and terrorize people. The undeniable truth, however, ‎is that standing against the country where we live is a sort of mischief that wise people reject.

It goes without saying that a Muslim should be loyal and love his country. He must protect and defend it with whatever possible words or ‎actions. Patriotism is a religious value that is supported by the Islamic creed, the Prophetic ‎Sunnah, logic and people's nature. You will be surprised by the statement’s contradiction; while it calls for a ‎revolution to save the nation, it mentions –at the same time- that general bureau of the Muslim ‎Brotherhood extends its hands and opens its institutions for every jealous Muslim ‎working towards a victory that revenges for the martyr’s souls and relieves the believers’ ‎hearts. Such statements divide the state, drive its ‎youth into closed road, where bloods are shed and the gap in Egyptian ‎society will increase. This will eventually result in disastrous consequences for all constituents of the ‎society –without exception-, as no one survives a sinking ship. Hence, Al-Azhar ‎Observatory wonders about who stands with this group and supports it with money and weapons to unjustly and aggressively kill the innocent and ‎those defending their country? Where does the group get such support that allows it to extend hands to those attacking their own country? Isn’t this a clear declaration of ‎the terrorist group's treason, and an admission of betrayal?! ‎

Al-Azhar Observatory for Combating Extremism asserts again that the Muslim brotherhood follows the lead of ISIS and other terrorist ‎organizations that pursue to spread chaos, implement secret ‎agendas and uselessly try to threaten our security and safety. And the case being that, it is a duty ‎upon each member living on the Egyptian land to guard the unity of our country and work on its development and prosperity. Patriotism has nothing to do with rhetoric words, enthusiastic speeches and fake slogans; on the contrary it is strongly bound to the actions ‎and behaviors of the individuals. Every member of the society should love his country and abide by its ‎laws and regulations, to guard its possessions, sincerely and lovingly perform his duties and ‎to keep the country’s properties and treasures against mischief and treachery.

May Allah protect Egypt and its people against any harm!

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