Al-Azhar condemns the Nangarhar mosque explosion in Afghanistan

  • | Monday, 21 October, 2019
Al-Azhar condemns the Nangarhar mosque explosion in Afghanistan

      Al-Azhar Al-Sharif strongly condemns the terrorist explosion that took place in a Haskamena district mosque, Nangarhar province, eastern Afghanistan, during Friday prayers, causing tens of deaths and injuries. Al-Azhar stresses that shedding the inviolable blood; violating the sanctity of places of worship and turning them into an arena of conflict; and intimidating worshipers and peaceful people are all forms of spreading mischief on earth. Al-Azhar also emphasizes that such heinous acts lead to the spread of hatred and racism and create a breeding ground for terrorism and extremism. Al-Azhar extends its sincere condolences to the government and people of Afghanistan and the families of the victims, asking God to have mercy on the departed souls, grant their families patience and solace and award those injured a speedy recovery.

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