Prophet of Humanity

By/ Asmaa Muhammad Yusuf

  • | Sunday, 31 October, 2021
Prophet of Humanity

     Amidst calls for restoring human shared values to establish peace and integration all over the world in order to get out of the dark phase of moral bankruptcy, the noble birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) comes to revive all humanitarian principles in our souls. Allah- the Almighty- said, “And We have not sent you, [O Muhammad], except as a mercy to the worlds”. (Qur’an, 21: 107)
The universality of Prophet Muhammad’s message is based upon the totality of human existence blessing, fair treatment and full equality, regardless of theological views, social ranks, or gender. Hence, let us take a brief glimpse at the prophetic mercy towards his family. The mother of believers’A'isha was asked: "What did the Prophet (PBUH) used to do inside his house?" She answered: "He used to keep himself busy helping members of his family, and when it was the time for Salat (the prayer), he would get up for prayer".  Out of his  infinite mercy towards women in general, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, "I advise you to take care of women". He said also, "Act kindly towards women". As for his mercy towards children, the mother of believers ’A'isha reported that some Bedouins came to the Prophet (PBUH) and asked: “Do you kiss your children?” He said: “Yes”. They then said:“By Allah, we do not kiss our children.” The Prophet (PBUH) replied : "Then what can I do if you were deprived of mercy?". Moreover, the Prophet (PBUH) said, "I stand up to lead Salat (congregational prayer) with the intention of prolonging it. Then I hear the crying of an infant, so I shorten the prayer in order not to make it a burden for his mother".
Further, the Prophetic mercy is not limited to Muslims, but it extends to include all humans regardless of their religions. Abu Huraira reported that it was said to the Prophet (PBUH): “Invoke curse upon the polytheists,” whereupon he said: “I have not been sent as the invoker of curse, but I have been sent as mercy”. The basic guideline given by the Prophet to deal with others regardless their religion, color, race, gender, etc., under “Charter of Madinah” succeeded in delivering generations from human bandage. This historic move reflects the core message of what is called “The Children of Adam”. He said, “Allah does not look at your appearance, nor your entire, but he looks at your hearts and deeds”. In this regard, it is worthy to mention Al-Azhar Observatory for Combating Extremism (AOCE) e-campaign entitled “A Charter for Humanity” that illustrates how Islamic teachings promote fraternity and integration. All messages of the campaign underscore and highlight these values. For Instance, “Prophet Muhammad supported racial equality” and “Fanaticism and killing the innocent bring societies back to the pre-Islamic period of ignorance”. 
This month is a great chance to remember how Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the role model. We are in an urgent need to follow, and understand the real messages of religious texts instead of just memorizing them. Promotion of human values advocated by Islam can surely create an extremist-free society. So, let us have high aspirations that goes beyond the limited national identity to the wider horizon of humanity, by following such a heavenly attribute during this blessed month.

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