Al-Azhar Decries Suicide Bombings in Pakistan

  • | Tuesday, 3 October, 2023
Al-Azhar Decries Suicide Bombings in Pakistan

     Al-Azhar al-Sharif strongly condemns the two suicide bombings that targeted innocent people in Pakistan. The first blast targeted a group of people celebrating Prophet Muhammad’s birthday and resulted in 50 deaths, while the second one targeted a mosque southern Peshawar, during the Friday Prayer, and resulted in five deaths. Many were injured. 
Al-Azhar affirms that such heinous crimes that targeted Muslims while celebrating the birth of Prophet Muhammad violate all religious, humane, and Islamic teachings and values that aim at safeguarding human blood. Al-Azhar also stresses the need for global solidarity for the sake of confronting and uprooting all forms of violence, extremism, and terrorism. 
In addition, Al-Azhar expresses its full solidarity with the Pakistani government and people in this appalling tragedy, praying to Allah, the Almighty, to shower the dead with His infinite mercy, grant the injured speedy recovery, help rescuers and medical teams, and protect Pakistan, all Muslims, and mankind from all calamities.

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