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Monday, January 27, 2020

The Minister of Islamic Affairs ...

The Minister of Islamic Affairs in Saudi Arabia, “Al-Azhar Renewal Conference came in time to meet the challenges of the Muslim nation”.

"The recommendations of the conference will be positively reflected on the reality of the Muslims."

     The Minister of Islamic Affairs, Da‛wah and Preaching in Saudi Arabia, Sheikh ‛Abdul-Laṭῑf bin ‛Abdel-‛Azῑz Āl Al-Sheikh, affirmed that Al-Azhar International Conference on Renovation of Islamic Thought acts as a promotion of  moderation and combats exaggeration and extremism with all kinds and forms. It is meant to bring about renewal consistent with the purposes and rulings of the Islamic Sharῑ‛ah, and with the Islamic and Arab values.

     He said that the Al-Azhar Conference came in time as the Muslim Nation faces many challenges threatening the security and stability of the region and the coexistence of its peoples. This conference also comes out in the context of the great efforts made by Al-Azhar and its Grand Imam in confronting extremism and consolidating the values of peace and tolerance, he noted.

     The Minister of Islamic Affairs in the KSA also added that the research papers, presentations and discussions of senior scholars and researchers in the various topics and sessions of the conference will yield quality results and recommendations. He confirmed that such results will be positively reflected on the reality of the Muslims within the issues of renewal in various Islamic sciences, confronting extremist thought, and activating the role of religious institutions. To him, renewal will contribute to the consolidation of human cooperation among the followers of different religions and faiths. The renewal will also address intellectual problems and help invest manpower in economic development and civilizational renaissance, he stated.

     Āl-Sheikh indicated that the KSA attaches high significance to the issues addressed by the conference. "The KSA has achieved qualitative successes in such issues. One of its most important priorities is to renew religious discourse, establish concepts of moderation, confront extremism and terrorism, and establish a culture of dialogue," he concluded.

     Al-Azhar holds this conference on Monday and Tuesday, January 27-28, 2020, in the presence of a group of senior political leaders and prominent religious figures of the world, as well as representatives of the Ministries of Endowments, Fatwa Houses and Islamic Councils from 46 countries of the Muslim world. The themes of the conference focus on the frameworks of the conception of renewal and its mechanisms, refuting misconceptions, handling women and family issues, and addressing the role of international religious and academic institutions in  renewing Islamic thought.

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