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EFH has Contributed Significantly to Boosting  and Consolidating National Unity among All Egyptians...
Mohamed Helal
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EFH has Contributed Significantly to Boosting and Consolidating National Unity among All Egyptians...

EFH has Contributed Significantly to Boosting and Consolidating National Unity among All Egyptians, ˁAyyād said on the sidelines of EFH Conference

     The Secretary-General of the Islamic Research Academy, Dr. Nazeer ˁAyyād participated in the activities of the 10th anniversary of the Egyptian Family House (EFH) at the headquarters of Al-Azhar Conference Center, Nasr City. The Grand Imam, Prof. Ahmed Al-Tayyeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, Pope Tawadros II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark, and a number of leaders from Al-Azhar and the Egyptian Church attended the celebration.

     On the sidelines of his participation in the conference, the Secretary-General said that since Allah Almighty ordered his Prophet (PBUH) to deliver his message to all people, Islam and its tolerant Sharia have adopted an approach based on friendliness and tolerance that estimate the language of dialogue with the others, even if they differ in thought and belief. The tolerant Sharia was founded on the principles of justice, equality, freedom and the conservation of human dignity. The Prophet of Islam (PBUH) announced the principle of equality between people at a time when the human mind had not yet matured enough to comprehend or imagine the essence of this principle.

     In this respect, ˁAyyād  recommended a set of proposals for achieving equality in society. For example, he suggested that we invest what Allah, Almighty, has granted our beloved country of security and safety to exert efforts and to do our best to conserve the capabilities of this country and its cultural and national achievements.

     Moreover, he recommended that we should realize the magnitude of the dangers encountering us now and in the future and try to put a successful strategy to confront and limit their effects on our unity and harmony.

     ˁAyyād  also recommended that equality should include women who have been maltreated in some eras and periods due to circumstances, customs, traditions and the misunderstanding of some sacred religious texts.

     Finally, he suggested that Egyptian Family House should have representatives in every town and village to spread awareness, correct concepts and limit differences that could threaten our national and human unity.

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