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Sunday, December 25, 2022

AIRA Harvest Report 2022

AIRA Harvest Report 2022

AIRA Harvest Report 2022:

53,073 awareness meetings carried out by Al-Azhar preachers to confront family problems

  • A public initiative to confront the high costs of marriage
  • 13 Da’wah Missions to maintain stability of the Egyptian family
  • 54 training programs held at Al-Azhar Academy to prepare trainers who can help the youth be qualified to get married
  • Seminars conducted for family counseling and educational seminars to confront negative societal behaviors

     The AIRA Media Center has revealed in its annual harvest report of 2022 that AIRA has played an important role in raising awareness of family issues. This comes under the leadership of Al-Azhar Grand Imam, Prof. Ahmad At-Tayyeb, who urged Al-Azhar sectors to support national strategies in all fields.

     The Media Center stated that AIRA carried out a number of activities and events during this year to deal with family and child issues.

     At the level of community initiatives, AIRA launched an expanded initiative to confront exaggeration of costs of marriage all over Egypt, entitled: “You may find tranquility in them” to achieve a set of goals that eliminate the bad habits related to marriage.

     AIRA Secretary-General, Dr. Nazir Ayyad, stated that Al-Azhar preachers held 53,073 awareness meetings at mosques, cultural centers, sports clubs, police stations, youth centers, schools, academic institutes and universities across the governorates of Egypt to discuss a number of important themes.

     Ayyad explained that the General Secretariat for Da’wah and Religious Media at AIRA launched about 13 Da’wah missions aimed at finding solutions to various family problems that threaten family stability.

     Since raising awareness of family problems requires detailed study of the reasons and solutions needed to confront them, the Secretary-General of AIRA stated that Al-Azhar International Academy for Training Imams, Preachers and Fatwa Researchers organized about 54 training program, under the supervision of Dr. Hassan Al-Saghir to prepare trainers who can qualify those about to get married, and to prepare family reconcilers. About 1258 people received training at the academy.

     Within the framework of the role of religious and scientific institutions and civil society institutions in confronting family issues and overcoming their effects, Ayyad indicated that AIRA participated in many conferences and events related to this issue. These issues included Women’s Issues between Sharia and Inherited Customs, specialized social media meetings for Al-Azhar female preachers about marital and family counseling, in addition to the AIRA publications of the scientific series such as Thoughts of Modernity for the Family in the Sight of Islamic Sharia and Egyptian Law - A Jurisprudential Study.

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