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Canadian Senate Delegation, "Al Azhar's enlightened vision empowers youth and women in society"

  • | Monday, 20 May, 2019
Canadian Senate Delegation, "Al Azhar's enlightened vision empowers youth and women in society"

     On Monday morning, his Eminence the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Prof. Ahmed Aṭ-Ṭayyeb received George Ferry, Chairman of the Canadian Senate, and his accompanying delegation during his visit to Cairo.

     The Grand Imam said that Al-Azhar is the oldest educational institution that has been performing its mission for more than a thousand years. It is attended by millions of students in different stages of the university education. Al-Azhar also plays an important social role in Egypt by consolidating the values of peace and social coexistence. The Egyptian Family House is one of the most important institutions through which Al Azhar conducts this mission in cooperation with the Egyptian Church.

     He added that Al-Azhar has been keen to extend bridges of communication and dialogue with major religious institutions in the world. He also called for consolidating the concept of citizenship that establishes equality among all the citizens, and renounces the term of minorities. Al-Azhar succeeded in achieving real communication between the East and the West. The Grand Imam also expressed Al-Azhar's readiness to strengthen cooperation with Canada as one of the countries that represents coexistence and social tolerance on its land.

     On his part, the delegation of the Canadian Senate said, “Al-Azhar's moderate discourse contributes to confronting extremism and terrorism. It has an enlightened vision which empowers young people and women in society. Canadian senators expressed their appreciation of the success that Al-Azhar has achieved in communicating with various religions and of confronting violence around the world.”

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