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Al-Azhar Medical Convoy in Chad

  • | Wednesday, 19 February, 2020
Al-Azhar Medical Convoy in Chad
26,264 Medical examinations and 371 surgeries form the total work of the Al-Azhar Medical Convoy in Chad

- Critical surgeries to relieve the suffering of the people of Chad

- Extending the convoy work into morning and evening shifts and surgeries till mid-night due to great demand

- Heartfelt tributes, warm welcome and great hospitality offered to the convoy

- Al-Azhar female students in Chad volunteer to help with Al-Azhar medical convoy. "It's a noble work and we are glad to help to promote Al-Azhar missionary and humanitarian message," they said.

- Al-Azhar physicians to the people of Chad, "To us, relieving your pain is better than the Nobel Prize"

- The people of Chad, "Al-Azhar convoy supports and develops our human ties. It stresses the deep relations between Egypt and African countries".

- The people of Chad to Al-Azhar convoy physicians, "Thanks for giving us hope even before treatment".

     Al-Azhar fourth medical convoy to Chad concluded its work, which lasted for six days after undertaking 26,264 medical examinations and performing 371 surgeries. The convoy included 26 Azhari professors of medicine in 14 specialties, in addition to a team of pharmacists and nurses who were carefully selected. The convoy is the fourth to be sent by Al-Azhar to the Republic of Chad. Such convoys targeted the poorest and most needy areas.

Critical Surgeries to relieve the suffering of the people of Chad

     The people of Chad suffer from a lot of diseases. Due to poor medical facilities and lack of efficient physicians in most specialties, they face a major dilemma. So, the convoy physicians performed critical and major surgeries. This included orthopedic surgeries such as installing slices and screws, and removing tumors on the knee, in addition to multiple general surgeries, such as eardrum tinkering, thyroid gland removal, cataract s, kidney stones removal, and fibrous tumors eradication from the uterus, as well as pus emptying and dental surgeries.

     In addition to the complete follow-up of the cases for which the surgeries were performed, the appropriate medicine for each case was delivered free of charge. Seven tons of medicine and medical supplies necessary for the work of the convoy were shipped.

Extending the convoy work into morning and evening shifts and surgeries till midnight

     Al-Azhar medical convoy witnessed a great demand from the people of Chad. The people went to the convoy from everywhere in Chad, some coming from a distance of more than 500 km, heading for the convoy services which offered all medical specialties they needed.

     In response to the huge demand, Prof. Mahmoud Ṣiddīq, Vice President of Al-Azhar University, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, and General Supervisor of Al-Azhar Convoys, decided that the convoy work be performed over two shifts to treat the largest possible number of patients.

     Prof. Ṣiddīq also undertook many medical examinations for patients in the orthopedic section. He oriented the convoy physicians, in the first place, to provide services and critical surgeries which are not available in Chadian hospitals.

     He also installed slices and screws for a woman with multiple fractures in her body. Her fractures were plastered two weeks ago, but the bandage affected her with several complications, the case which necessitated the installation of slices and screws.

Great tributes, warm welcome and great hospitality offered to the convoy

     Under the auspices of the First Lady of Chad Hind Deby, Mrs. Habiba Sahoulb, Secretary-General of the Big Heart Foundation (BHF) and Mr. ‛Amr Al-Rifā‛i the Egyptian Ambassador to Chad held a ceremony to receive the members of the convoy on the same day Al-Azhar medical convoy arrived in Chad,. The ceremony was also attended by the Chadian Minister of Health.

     The Chadian Minister of Health, Mr. Mahmoud Yousuf, welcomed the convoy members, explaining that Al-Azhar does not only promote the moderate message of Islam, but it also acts as the greatest supporter of humanity. Mrs. Habiba Sahoulb thanked Egypt and the Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, and the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Prof. Ahmed Aṭ-Ṭayyeb for their care about the people of Chad, their constant support, and the development of human ties that indicate the deep relationships between Egypt and African countries.

     She also thanked members of Al-Azhar convoy for coming to Chad and taking the trouble of travelling, praising what the members of the convoy presented in previous times. She explained that the people of Chad have great trust in Al-Azhar convoy and come from everywhere, signifying the great efficiency of Al-Azhar physicians.

     Meanwhile, Dr. Muḥammad Khāter, Chairman of the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs in Chad, stressed that Al-Azhar Medical Convoy is an embodiment of the teachings of Islam, which urges people to behave with righteousness, and cooperate in helping the needy.

     On his part, Mr. ‛Amr Ar-Rifā‛i, the Egyptian Ambassador to Chad, said that Al-Azhar physicians are exemplary representatives and soldiers of humanitarian work, ideal for promoting the message of Egypt. He also stressed that what the convoy is doing is a noble message that aims to develop relationships among fellow peoples. He also expressed the joy of the Chadian people with the convoy.

Al-Azhar female students in Chad volunteer in helping with Al-Azhar Medical Convoy

     A group of Al-Azhar female students at As-Salam Azhari Institute in Chad volunteered to provide assistance to the convoy. They stressed that Islam calls on for helping the needy. “We have volunteered to participate in this noble work to help promote Al-Azhar missionary and humanitarian message,” they noted.

The people of Chad praise Al-Azhar Medical Convoy

     The dedication and hard work offered by all members of Al-Azhar Medical Convoy was received with deep gratitude from the people of Chad who thanked Egypt, Al-Azhar and its Grand Imam Aṭ-Ṭayyeb, and all members of the convoy. They explained that Al-Azhar Convoy brought back the smile on their faces and joy in their life. They said that it was a gift from Allah to them as it had given them hope before treatment. They sent a brief message bearing the meanings of loyalty and recognition, saying, "Thanks, Egypt the country of the Nile.” The message is meant to thank Egypt as a source of goodness and giving.

The message Al-Azhar Medical Convoy physicians sent to the people of Chad

     The physicians of Al-Azhar Medical Convoy sent a message to the people of Chad, saying, “Al-Azhar convoy physicians are compassionately working to make the people of Chad happy and draw a smile on their faces. It is a duty that we are honored to fulfill. Carrying out such a duty is a message which Al-Azhar has assigned us to perform. To us, relieving your pain is better than the Nobel Prize.”

     H.E. the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, had already directed the Department of Medical and Relief Convoys at Al-Azhar to intensify its work inside and outside Egypt to reduce the suffering of the needy and the pain of the sick. H.E. said that such work is based on the humanitarian and social role played by Al-Azhar, which complements its advocacy and educational role.

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