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Al-Azhar Academy honors imams,...

  • | Wednesday, 26 February, 2020
Al-Azhar Academy honors imams,...
Al-Azhar Academy honors imams, preachers and members of Fatwa committees, both Egyptians and envoys

President of Al-Azhar International Academy for Training Imams and Preachers (AIATIP), “Al-Azhar estimates the values of humanity, in the hope that nations may progress and all humanity may enjoy their fruits."

     Under the auspices of the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Prof. Ahmed Aṭ-Ṭayyeb, the AIATIP organized a ceremony honoring the trainees in a number of specialized training courses. These courses were organized by the AIATIP, both Egyptians and envoys, in collaboration with members of Fatwa committees. The ceremony was attended by Prof. Muhammad Aḍ-Ḍuwῑnī, President of the Academy, Ambassador Gutat Suy of Myanmar in Cairo, Dr. Muhammad ‛Abdul-Ḥafῑẓ, ATIP Vice President, and representatives from Malaysia, Sudan, Nigeria, and Kazakhstan. The event was held at Al-Azhar Conference Center in Nasr City, Cairo.

     These courses, which lasted for a month in the premises of the Islamic Mission Hostels in Cairo and Alexandria, included 4 training programs, namely Preparing Contemporary Mufti, Contemporary Issues in Jurisprudence, Defining and Dealing with Information Revolution, and Islamic Astronomy. The courses were presented by a group of specialized professors from Al-Azhar University.

     Prof. Muhammad Aḍ-Ḍuwῑni, President of the AIATIP said, “Al-Azhar is keen to promote the values of the true religion of Allah and its tolerant teachings throughout the world at large. To complete the role Al-Azhar has been playing for more than a thousand years, Al-Azhar set up the AIATIP and assigned a group of distinguished scholars of Al-Azhar to prepare its programs in order to keep pace with contemporary life developments.”

     He stated that Al-Azhar is ardent to enhance the academic competence of preachers, providing them with Al-Azhar moderate approach promoting the values of tolerance, peace, and communication with others. He added that Al-Azhar supports peaceful coexistence among the various outlooks of one and the same people. This would enhance a high degree of awareness and responsibility for such academic mission entrusted to them to carry out their mission in service of their religion and home countries.

     He explained that Al-Azhar has taken the burden of protecting the nation from suffering due to misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the verses of the Noble Qur’ān. He also indicated that Islam is the religion of humanity, and that Al-Azhar estimates the values of humanity, taking them to their due concern through the Document of Human Fraternity launched by the Grand Imam and Pope Francis in the hope that nations may progress and all humanity may enjoy their fruits.

     On his part, Mr. Gutat Suy, Ambassador of Myanmar in Cairo, praised the great role that Al-Azhar and the Grand Imam play in renouncing violence, intolerance and hatred, and in promoting the values of love and peaceful coexistence throughout the world at large. He also stressed that Al-Azhar is a center for promoting tolerance and peace in different societies.

     On their part, the delegation of trained preachers, both Egyptians and envoys at the academy, thanked Al-Azhar, the Grand Imam and those in charge of the AIATIP for their great support in these courses. They noted that such courses form the mind and conscience of everyone who works with fatwa or preaching in the current time. He added that the courses would make them well versed in deciphering the reality and setting up fatwas appropriate  for all times and places to confront false and deviant thoughts, under the umbrella of good manners and peace.

     The delegation also emphasized that these courses have contributed to supporting and preparing imams and preachers to promote the true values of Islam based on a comprehensive reforming approach. Such an approach is applied via studying the patterns of positive thinking and developing them, to contribute to protecting the Muslim communities from disintegration. They also thanked the government and people of Egypt, and Al-Azhar for their constant support for the African countries, the case which strengthens the human ties among various peoples.

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