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Al-Azhar praises KSA decision to...

  • | Thursday, 27 February, 2020
Al-Azhar praises KSA decision to...

Al-Azhar praises KSA decision to suspend the issuance of Umrah visas as a precautionary measure against COVID-19

     With utmost concern, Al-Azhar is following up with the news of Coronavirus (COVID-19) that has caused the death of many people around the world, and the consequent precautionary measures taken by many countries to prevent this serious pandemic.
     Al-Azhar asserts that Islam urges the removal of harm and ordains that necessary measures and precautions be taken to prevent the spread of diseases and epidemics. It also affirms that KSA's situation is not only permissible and rewarded but also mandatory to protect the human beings, the case which is one of the Islamic Sharia objectives upon which partial and secondary provisions of protecting people and societies are based.

     In supporting these proactive and preventive measures taken by the KSA to prevent the spread of pandemics among the Muslims who wish to perform the religious rituals of Umrah or visit the Islamic holy sites, Al Azhar calls on all people to exercise caution and comply with all preventive instructions announced by the World Health Organization and ministries of health in all countries of the world. In addition, Al Azhar advises all officials to take the necessary measures to preserve the health of citizens and prevent the spread of the pandemic. This is a religious responsibility and a necessity that cannot be underestimated.
     We ask Allah to heal all ill people and protect our country and the entire world from all harm and misfortune.

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