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Tarawῑḥ and Tahajjud Prayers are broadcast Live from Al-Azhar Mosque

  • | Tuesday, 12 May, 2020
Tarawῑḥ and Tahajjud Prayers are broadcast Live from Al-Azhar Mosque
Tomorrow, Tarawῑḥ and Tahajjud Prayers are broadcast Live from Al-Azhar Mosque

Prayers attended only by the Mosque Imams and employees

      Al-Azhar announces that both the supererogatory Ramadan Evening Prayers (Tarawῑḥ) and the Late Night Prayers (Tahajjud) will be broadcast live from Al-Azhar Mosque as of tomorrow, Wednesday, Ramadan 20 (May 13) until the end of the sacred month. Only the mosque Imams and employees will attend the prayers, taking all the health procedures necessary to safeguard the participants' safety.

    The prayer rituals will be broadcast live on the official webpages of Al-Azhar on the social media sites: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Al-Azhar is keen to provide the spiritual atmosphere associated with this sacred month, especially during the last ten days and nights, which are characterized with their great virtues and reward from Allah. May Allah accept our supplication and resolve the crisis from which the whole world is now suffering.

     Al-Azhar hopes that this step may act as an initiative of hope and good omen for everybody. Al-Azhar prays to Allah, Our Patron, to ward off the pandemic, cure the infected ones, and grant us all safety and security, tranquility and stability.

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