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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Al-Azhar Grand Imam's Deputy receives a high-level Malaysian delegation to discuss means of joint cooperation

Al-Azhar Grand Imam's Deputy receives a high-level Malaysian delegation to discuss means of joint cooperation.

     Today Wednesday, His Eminence Sheikh Saleh Abbas, Deputy of Al-Azhar Grand Imam, received a delegation from the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs of Malaysia headed by Dr. Datuq Fakhruddin bin Abdul Muti, Head of the branch of the World Association for Al-Azhar Graduates in Malaysia. The visit aimed to discuss means of joint cooperation between the two parties in the fields of education and to consider the articles of the agreement concluded between Al-Azhar and the Malaysian Ministry of Education.
     Sheikh Saleh said that Al-Azhar seeks to support and serve the Muslims in maintaining a moderate understanding of Islam, and present its true and tolerant image without negligence or extremism. He confirmed that Al-Azhar is ready to support all cultural, scientific and religious fields in Malaysia, send envoys to perform its mission and receive the Malaysian imams and preachers to be trained at Al-Azhar International Academy for Training Imams and Preachers.

     Besides, the Deputy of Al-Azhar Grand Imam emphasized the firm relations between Al-Azhar and the religious institutions in Malaysia, indicating that the number of Malaysian students is the biggest among the international students at Al-Azhar. He also praised the unique level of respect, commitment and diligence that the Malaysian students studying at Al-Azhar enjoy.

     On their part, the members of the Malaysian delegation expressed their country’s pride in the close relationship between Al-Azhar and the Islamic institutions in Malaysia. They paid profound tribute to His Eminence the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar for his continuous efforts in providing all means of support to serve the Malaysian students studying at Al-Azhar.

     The agreement aims to promote teaching the Arabic language in various Malaysian states, establish the true image of Islam, confront the claims of alienation and the ideas of deviant organizations, promoting Al-Azhar education through the curriculums being studied at the Sheikh Zayed Center for Teaching Arabic to non-Native Speakers.

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