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Monday, December 14, 2020

Al-Azhar Grand Imam’s Deputy receives a high-level Senegalese delegation to discuss ways of joint cooperation for combating extremism

The Senegalese delegation, “We are keen to benefit from Al-Azhar's moderate approach in combating extremism”.

     On Monday, December 14th, 2020, His Eminence Prof. Muḥammad Aḍ-Ḍuwīnī, Al-Azhar Grand Imam’s Deputy, received Mr. Elie C. Bay, Ambassador of Senegal to Egypt, and Brigadier-General Saifullah Sol, General Coordinator for Combating Terrorism in Senegal, and the accompanying delegation; to discuss ways to enhance joint cooperation with Al-Azhar for combating extremism and terrorism.

     At the beginning of the meeting, Prof. Aḍ-Ḍuwīnī conveyed the greetings of the Grand Imam, Prof. Ahmad At-Tayeb, to the Senegalese delegation. His Eminence explained that throughout its ancient great history, Al-Azhar has been an impenetrable castle against attempts to undermine the young people. Al-Azhar paid special attention to clarifying the concepts that the extremist groups exploit, refuting the misconceptions with which they confuse some people.

     The Grand Imam of Al-Azhar’s deputy referred to the intense efforts that Al-Azhar and its Grand Imam are making inside and outside Egypt. Such efforts have culminated in the Human Fraternity Document (HFD) signed by the Grand Imam and Pope Francis, of the Vatican. The HFD which affirms that religions have nothing to do with terrorism, reinforces the values of citizenship, diversity, and acceptance of the others, calls for coexistence among all the human beings with different beliefs, and rejects violence and extremism in societies.

     For their part, the Senegalese delegation expressed their thanks and appreciation to Al-Azhar and its Grand Imam, Prof. Ahmad At-Tayeb, for his constant support to the black continent’s people. They stressed their country's keenness to gain inspiration from the Egyptian experience in combating extremism. This is meant to be done through concerted efforts with Al-Azhar Institution to benefit from its moderate approach and enlightened thinking that work to combat extremism and terrorism, and uproot it, in order to achieve security and stability in the African continent, especially in the country of Senegal.

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