Worship[1] Meaning of Worship      The lexical meaning of ‘ibadah (the Arabic word for worship) denotes several facets, amongst which are obedience, submission, and subservience. The technical, or...
Tuesday, 31 December, 2019
The Five Pillars of Islam: How and Why?
The Five Pillars of Islam: How and Why?[1]        Islam, as explained, is a title for the message revealed to Prophet Muḩammad, the seal of the prophets; the message of the previous prophets conveyed Islam partly...
Tuesday, 31 December, 2019
Shahādah (Testimony)
Shahādah (testifying that there is no God but Allah and that Muḩammad is the Messenger of Allah).[1]   Shahādah is the first pillar of Islam. It expresses the faith of the heart. The faith refers to that decisive knowledge that begets...
Monday, 30 December, 2019
Ṣalāh (Prayer)
Prayers[1]   Lexically, the Arabic word for prayer (salah) means supplication. The Qur’an says, “Pray for them; surely, your prayer is sereneness for them; God is Ever-Hearing, Ever-Knowing.” (Qur’an, 9:...
Sunday, 29 December, 2019
Zakat (Obligatory Charity)
Poor’s Due Money (Zakat)[1]        Zakat is one of the financial acts of worship in Islam. It means to provide help to the poor so as to meet their needs, and to public interest projects to be realized and...
Saturday, 28 December, 2019
Ṣawm (Fasting) of Ramadan
Fasting[1]        Lexically, the Arabic word as-sawm or as-siyaam (fast or fasting) means to abstain, whether this is food, drink, speech, intercourse, etc. In the conventions of Shari’a, the meaning of...
Friday, 27 December, 2019
Ḥajj (Pilgrimage)
Pilgrimage[1]      Hajj is an act of worship that Muslims know and practice. It was originally enjoined by the Prophet Abraham (PBUH)). Following Abraham, the Arabs used to perform pilgrimage. When Islam rose, it ordained...
Thursday, 26 December, 2019
What does wuđūˀ (ablution) mean and symbolize?
What does wuđūˀ (ablution) mean and symbolize?[1]        Looking at the trees darkened by dust storm, they do not stir attention of people passing by. When Allah descended rain, it wiped out dust and the leaves'...
Wednesday, 25 December, 2019
Reciting the Ever-Glorious Qur’an
Reciting the Ever-Glorious Qur’an[1]        Recitation of the Qur’an is an act of worship that is considered of the most sublime and has the highest rank and degree in the sight of God. In many of the...
Tuesday, 24 December, 2019
Supplication[1]      In reality, supplication is an act in which a servant invokes God for help and provision. Supplication is one of the most significant components of worship. It leads to being close to God, the Almighty....
Monday, 23 December, 2019

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