Sunday, April 12, 2020

Fasting Ramadan during COVID-19 pandemic...

Fasting Ramadan during COVID-19 pandemic...
Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy, "Fasting Ramadan during COVID-19 pandemic remains obligatory for all Muslims"

Statement of the Juristic Research Committee, Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy in its 13th Session (Emergent) – 56th Term

     The Juristic Research Committee held its emergent session No. 13 on 14-8-1441 A.H. (April 4, 2020) to discuss the consequences of the coronavirus spread, and how it may affect the fasting (ṣawm) of Ramadan. Senior Physicians of all specializations with their different majors, WHO representatives, and a number of Al-Azhar scholars attended this meeting.
     The committee has come to the conclusion that there has been no scientific evidence so far of any relationship between fasting and coronavirus. Therefore, the rulings of the Islamic Shari’ah concerning fasting remain the same; so, it is obligatory for all the Muslims except for those who have legal excuses.
     We ask Allah, our Patron, to save the world from this pandemic. Amen!

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