Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Al-Azhar Academy holds ...

Al-Azhar Academy holds a ceremony for handing in certificates to preachers graduated in the course entitled, “Preparing a Contemporary Mufti”

     Al-Azhar Academy for Training Imams, Preachers and Fatwa Researchers held a ceremony to hand in graduation certificates to preachers and members of fatwa committees who participated in courses entitled, “Preparing a Contemporary Mufti”, “Information Revolution” and “An Islamic Perspective of Astronomy”. The ceremony was held in the presence of Dr. Muhammad Aḍ-Ḍuwῑni, President of the Academy, Dr. Sa‛ῑd ‛Āmer, Assistant Secretary General for Da‛wa and Religious Media at Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy, and Dr. Muhammad ‛Abdul-Ḥafῑẓ, Vice President of the Academy. 

     The courses came within the framework of Al-Azhar’s endeavor to enhance the proficiency of male and female preachers. Such courses would enable them to better deal with contemporary issues, as well as guide them on how to deal with Islamic legal texts, and apply them to people's practical life in a manner that takes into account the variety of time, place, situation, custom, and people involved. Such manner would also clarify the rules and principles of fatwa, and explain the principles of astronomy from an Islamic perspective, and how to deal with cyberspace.

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