Monday, November 9, 2020

The Prophet whom they do not know..

      When the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) began to call to Islam publicly, he, his companions and all those who believed in him were greatly harmed by the people of Quraysh who beat, abused, insulted, tortured, expelled them from their homes, took their properties, and deprived them of their families and children.


As for our prophet whom they do not know, the people of Quraysh repeatedly tried to kill him. Abū Jahl tried to kill him by throwing a stone at his head. Another attempt was when ˁUqbah Ibn Abī Maˁīṭ tried to suffocate him. Moreover, they asked his uncle Abū Ṭālib to hand him over to them to be killed, and exchange him with ˁImārah Ibn Al-Walīd to take him as a son. Abū Ṭālib despised their sick mind and replied: "By Allah, it is really an unfair bargain to give me your son to bring him up in exchange of granting you my son to kill him! By Allah, that will never be".


Then, the leaders of Quraysh met in An-Nadwah (Council) House and agreed to kill the Prophet (by a band of selected young men from each tribe, who simultaneously would strike him with their swords) so that the blood-money would be distributed among them all, and therefore could not be exacted. However, Allah saved him after immigrating to Madinah leaving behind his house, property, and relative people. Although Makkah was the most beloved land to the Prophet who did not have any hope to stay there. Moreover, they did not let him go, rather, they sent who could kill him in Madinah, but Allah rescued him and revealed the plot to him.


However, the people of Quraysh gathered to fight him, while there were a lot of wars during which Quraysh did not respect the sanctity of the Muslim martyrs, and mutilated the corpses of the Prophet's companions including his uncle Ḥamzah Ibn ˁAbdul-Muṭṭalib.


Besides, the people of Quraysh prevented the Prophet from visiting the Sacred House of Allah, and violated the truce they agreed upon. Thus, Allah supported his messenger over them and enabled him to capture them all during his conquest to Makkah. However, the Prophet did nothing but to deal them with all kindness. He pardoned, forgave, released their captives, and protected their souls, wealth, children, and honor, in accordance with Allah’s sayings: "and let them pardon and overlook" [Al-Nur- 22] and (and who pardon the people – and Allah loves the doers of good;) (Al-Imran: 134)

This is the Prophet whom they do not know!

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