Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The Summary of an article by Prof. Naẓīr Muḥammad ˁAyyād, entitled “A Beginning for Human Civilization”....

The Summary of an article by Prof. Naẓīr Muḥammad ˁAyyād, the AIRA Secretary-General, entitled “A Beginning for Human Civilization”, published at Al-Azhar Magazine in Rabīˁul-ˀAwwal 1442 AH/ October-November 2020 CE, Part 3, Year 94)

His Eminence Prof. Naẓīr Muḥammad ˁAyyād, the secretary General of Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy (AIRA), opened his article talking about the value of Almighty Allah’s sending his messengers and assigning Prophet Muḥammad (PBUH) to be the last prophet. Such assigning was for specific reasons; first, regarding the Prophet (PBUH) in person, second, regarding his call and message, and third, regarding his nation and followers.

After that, he started talking about the characteristics and virtues of the Prophet (PBUH) showing that he was a perfect person in both manners and in creation. The Prophet (PBUH) was the most faithful person and the closest to Allah.

Prof. ˁAyyād also showed how old and modern human history has never mentioned such a character (PBUH).

Then, he expanded his speech elaborating the Prophet’s call and message. He also clarified that the real approach presented by the Prophet is a unique model for building a comprehensive human civilization based on absolute values ​​and constant pillars which is valid for every time and place.

Such civilization stands upon human peace that does not differentiate between religions, genders, races or beliefs.

The Secretary General explained that the concept of civilization which basically came from the call of the Prophet (PBUH) is one of the necessities and principles aiming to establish peace among peoples of the earth, and to achieve the security of societies through rejecting violence and establishing the values ​​of friendship and coexistence.

He added that the features of this civilization have been noticed in the Prophet’s (PBUH) call to uphold the supreme values, and all the meanings of the valuable morals.

Moreover, he (PBUH) was neither coarse nor harsh nor loud in the markets, rather he was virtuous, soft, honest and loyal.

He also talked about his (PBUH) Ummah and companions saying that such Ummah is a moderate community.

Hence, such community deserves to be the best of communities ever raised for humanity.

Finally, Prof. ˁAyyād concluded his article highlighting the importance of celebrating the Prophet’s (PBUH) noble birth by following his approach in our deeds and behavior, and to illuminate our life with the light of his guidance in our relations with one another and others, in order to be a part of making such civilization.

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