Monday, February 15, 2021

The Secretary General of Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy (AIRA) meets Kazakhstan Ambassador and ...

The Secretary General of Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy (AIRA) meets Kazakhstan Ambassador and they both discuss the cultural and the academic exchange and benefiting from the expertise of Al-Azhar scholars in supporting research centers.


     The AIRA Secretary General,  Prof. Naẓīr Muḥammad ˁAyyād met Mr. Khairat Lama Sharif, Kazakhstan Ambassador and his accompanied delegation, to discuss ways of joint cooperation between the AIRA and Kazakhstan, within the framework of the directives of the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Prof. Aḥmad Aṭ-Ṭayyeb, for joint academic cooperation to achieve Al-Azhar’s mission and its global role.


     During the meeting, the two sides discussed ways of the academic and cultural cooperation in the field of Islamic research and studies. They also discussed how to benefit from the efforts of Al-Azhar scholars to get benefit from the Islamic heritage and the fruit of  efforts of the scholars who presented and  spent their lives in the service of knowledge. In addition, benefiting from Al-Azhar scholars’ experiences supporting the academic aspects of the research centers in Kazakhstan, as well as mutual academic cooperation in the field of manuscripts and the scholarly forums through the experience exchange among researchers. The meeting also discussed some aspects related to Imam Al-Fārābī  Conference, which is being held in the middle of next month within the fields of the joint cooperation.


     In this context, the Secretary General said, “This meeting confirms the intimate relationship between the two countries, emphasizing the AIRA’s keenness on joint cooperation with everyone, since it stems from Al-Azhar global mission in raising awareness and promoting moderation, tolerance and peace among peoples, and the great role played by Al-Azhar throughout history, confirming the culture of coexistence among people  and rejecting violence and extremism.”


Furthermore, ˁAyyād added that Al-Azhar is concerned with the heritage of the Muslim nation, and it is working on saving the Islamic civilization by focusing on its prominent scholars and safeguarding their heritage, and deepening the linkages between present generations and their scholars and symbols, to realize what they have provided to the history of humanity and to know what their present can offer in comparison to what their past had provided, as it is a past deeply rooted in human history It has various dimensions that have positively affected human civilization. In the forefront of those scholars is “Imam Al-Fārābī”, the second teacher.


     In this concern, the Ambassador of Kazakhstan expressed his pleasure to work in Egypt praising the efforts made by President ˁAbdel Fattāḥ Es-Sīsī in supporting the cultural exchange between Egypt and Kazakhstan. He pointed out to the importance of the cooperation with Al-Azhar and his admiration of Al-Azhar’s distinguished worldwide role, and the importance of strengthening the ties between Al-Azhar and the academic and research institutions in Kazakhstan, and the need for Al-Azhar scholars and its venerable men to correct misconceptions, promote global peace and tolerance among people through its moderate approach without exaggeration or negligence. Finally, he assured the role played by Al-Azhar  clarifying the truth of Islam and what it calls for such as the values ​​of cooperation, mercy and humanity.

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