Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Within the efforts of developing fatwa committees to confront fatwa chaos,...

     Within the efforts of developing fatwa committees to confront fatwa chaos, Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy begins written exams in order to support Fatwa Committees with the best Muftis


     On April 18, 2021, Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy (AIRA) started conducting written exams and interviews for Muftis in in Gharbiyyah, Daqahliyyah, Menoufiyyah, Kafr El-Sheikh, Damietta, Buḥaira, Alexandria and Maṭrouḥ governorates. Exams are held at the faculty of Islamic Theology, Al-Azhar University, Tanta. Such exams are meant to know the levels of the candidates to be committee members.


     This activity comes under the supervision and direction of Al-Azhar Grand Imam, Prof. Aḥmad Aṭ-Ṭayyeb, to show the urgent necessity to develop fatwa committees in order to confront fatwa chaos,

     thus, people know the true religion and eliminate misleading ideas.


     The AIRA Secretary-General, Prof. Naẓīr Muhammad ˁAyyād said, “The interviews come within our plan to develop fatwa committees all over Egypt and provide them with the best Muftis. In addition, modern electronic tools are being developed to link Fatwa committees all over Egypt with the main Fatwa Committee in Al-Azhar Mosque in order to confront fatwa chaos and misleading erroneous ideas which extremists are trying to promote among people under the umbrella of religion.”


     ˁAyyād added that exams and interviews are meant to select distinguished Muftis who meet the criteria of mufti, as fatwa is a job which needs preparation and continuous training on new contemporary issues.

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