Saturday, May 1, 2021

On Labor Day, the AIRA pays tribute to all loyal workers and affirms,...

     On Labor Day, Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy (AIRA) pays tribute to all loyal workers and affirms, “They are an example to be emulated in exerting effort.”

     The AIRA congratulated workers on their anniversary, which comes on May 1st every year, stressing that nations and peoples neither rise nor advance except through sincere work by all workers with different positions and locations.

     The AIRA Secretary General, Prof. Naẓīr ˁAyyād said, “This anniversary is a good opportunity to thank all workers, in the past and present, for they are a model to be emulated in work and sincerity. They have proven to the world their ability to exert effort, give and strive hard for their homeland especially during this crucial period in the nation’s history, which requires more sincerity and dedication of work to achieve the development in various fields.”

     In addition, the Secretary General gave a special tribute to all the medical staff: doctors, nurses, employees and workers. In their heroic role during the current crisis, they have proven that they represent the model of the worker who is proud of his patriotism and keen on his society. They are not less important than the soldier fighting in the battlefield.

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