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“Jerusalem! between Judaism and Islam”, a publication by Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy...

“Jerusalem! between Judaism and Islam”, a publication by Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy (AIRA) citing documents which historically and religiously reveal the falsity of Jews’ ownership to Jerusalem

     As one of the AIRA’s scholarly series, the book reviews the history of Jerusalem and refutes the claim that Jerusalem is not Arab. Such review states that the original inhabitants who built it were the Arab Jebusites in the fourth millennium B.C. Thus, with the historical right claimed by the Jews, it becomes clear that Jerusalem is Arab.


     Concerning the Jews' claim that Jerusalem belongs to them according to their religious right, the author affirms that it is falser and more slanderous than the previous claim. he Prophet Moses (PBUH) had never visited Jerusalem or seen it. Thus, the Torah was not revealed to him in Jerusalem. Therefore, the spiritual relationship towards Jerusalem; about which the Jews are talking is a false one. The book also shows that the claim, “Jerusalem is the Jews’ right because Prophets David and Solomon (peace be upon them) had ruled Jerusalem” is also a false one as in the logic of Jews, David and Solomon were only kings not prophets or messengers, therefore, their relationship was only political, but not religious.


     Moreover, the book discusses the value of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque among Muslims, starting with the fact that Al-Aqsa Mosque was the first Muslims’ Qiblah (the direction which Muslims turn to while praying) and it is equal to Mecca and Medina; regarding undertaking a journey towards any of them. Therefore, the link between Jerusalem and Mecca is due to a religious Islamic belief.


     In a historical overview on the Islamic rule of Jerusalem, the author mentioned that, unlike others, Muslims considered it as a sanctuary, so they gave safety to the feared, forbade fighting there, and opened its doors to the people of the three religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam). History has recorded that during the Islamic conquest, some Muslims demanded to get the Jews out of Jerusalem, but rulers then refused. During the Crusades, Jerusalem was monopolized by Christians, without Muslims or Jews. Nowadays, the Zionists are also practicing this monopoly policy through Judaization and diminishing the Arab Muslim Christian presence.


     In the context of the author's inference on the history of Jerusalem and Muslims and Arabs’ rights in it, the book published an international document, issued in December 1930, stating that the Holy Quds is an Islamic endowment owned by Muslims.

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