Friday, July 9, 2021

"European linguists' study of Arabic Sounds"; A new linguistic book by the AIRA...

"European linguists' study of Arabic Sounds"; a new linguistic book by Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy (AIRA) in Al-Azhar pavilion at Cairo International Book Fair

     Within the scholarly research series presented by Al-Azhar pavilion at Cairo International Book Fair - 52nd edition, the AIRA presents, “European linguists' study of Arabic Sounds” (presentation & evaluation). The book comes within a great concern of the western studies and orientalists’ works to study the Arabic sounds. For this reason, the book came to monitor a very important aspect of their efforts, and to clarify their views and the opinions of those who followed their method from our modern linguists, within an alert following, an accurate description, a full analysis, and a scholarly evaluation.

     The book also gave a great care with the terminologies of Phonetics and its documentation; specially the study of the terminologies related to the articulation system such as: (mouth cavity, throat, gullet, gums,  origin and end of pronunciation, etc.), as well as some vowelized sounds (Hamzah, Hāˀ, Qāf, jīm, Ḍād, Ṭāˀ, etc.). In addition, the book studied some of the dual and singular vocal characteristics i.e. (Voiced and Voiceless, Strength, Softness and Moderation, Prolongation, and Spreading).

     Finally, the author tracked some of the criticisms directed to the Arabic linguistic system in the field of phonetics, as he refuted the allegation which stated that our Classical Linguists were not interested in studying vowels.

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