Monday, July 5, 2021

"Research into Moral Philosophy”, a new scholarly publication...

"Research into Moral Philosophy”, a new scholarly publication by Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy (AIRA) in Al-Azhar pavilion at the Book Fair

     Within the scholarly research series presented by Al-Azhar pavilion at Cairo International Book Fair - 52n edition, the AIRA presents ( researches into moral philosophy.

     The book, which provides studies in morals philosophy in general, was written in a simple form with neither prolixity nor ambiguity. Rather, phrases are clear, and sentences clarify the purpose. The writer highlighted the ideas accurately and briefly, rooting for moral theories and linking the Islamic moral philosophers’ views with their western peers in order to indicate the points of convergence and divergence. He also referred readers to sources and references, in addition to writing biographies for many of the scholars and thinkers who are mentioned in the research.

     The book also contains a number of good topics and discusses various issues. It includes seven sections: the definition of knowledge, its subject, divisions and purpose, then morals and knowledge. After that, the book deals with the status of morals form the philosophical aspect; stating the definition of the moral and its formation and influencer. The book also discusses the behavior, the purpose, the motive, the conscience and the ideal model. Finally, it explicates the moral analogy and moral standards.

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