Saturday, July 3, 2021

“Moderate versus extremist discourse”; A recent publication by...

“Moderate versus extremist discourse”; A recent publication by Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy (AIRA) at the Book Fair 2021

     The AIRA Media Center published “Moderate versus extremist discourse”, a book which is presented in Al-Azhar pavilion, at the 52nd Cairo International Book Fair, within the framework of the awareness role played by Al-Azhar.

     The book includes topics that revolve around explaining the roots of extremist ideas, their sources, and their impact on tearing the nation apart, and the political exploitation of religion that produced utilitarian ideas that harmed religion, and made it detestable in the hearts of its enemies and followers. The book also monitored the reality of the contemporary religious discourse, violence in the name of religion, etc. included in  the miserable religious speech, which tore up our unity. Such extremist speech ruined our sleep, destroyed generations, made our visions blurry, and made the truth hidden in a time when pens have fallen apart.

     In this concern, the book includes themes about confronting the extremist discourse with a moderate one that draws the beholder to the values of Islam and brings up its followers on righteousness and beneficial morals. Such morals unite people not discriminate them, and build up not destroy, at the level of individuals and families. In addition,, objective fairness, which is one of the pillars of Islamic morals magnifying diversity upon which the universe is established. Moreover, the book stated the extent to which Muslim countries extended hands to others, and how many rights they have obtained under the shadow of Islam although they did not obtain any of such rights in their own countries.

     The book also talked about ethics and its role in education, starting with the values ​​of coexistence, choosing the life partner, and spouses’ rights and duties towards each other. Furthermore, it talked about some societal problems and their treatment, including forced marriage, then addressing the role of youth and women’s rights in society, and talking about the nature of diversity and freedom of expressing opinion.

     Finally, the author concludes his book with two important themes: Arabs and Muslims’ contributions in civilized interactions and the relationship between religious societies and East countries.

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