Monday, July 26, 2021

The AIRA launches an extensive campaign calling for family cohesion...

Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy (AIRA) launches an extensive campaign calling for family cohesion, entitled: "And He Has Placed Between You Affection and Mercy".

It is an electronically campaign through direct communication.

Daily messages for two weeks to tackle family problems.

Awareness videos presented by male and female preachers.

     The AIRA launches a comprehensive awareness campaign entitled: "And He has placed Between You Affection and Mercy" within the framework of the Academy efforts to address the societal and family issues. Such a campaign was launched also to face the daily problems that may affect the family unity which is considered the base of the society building, since these problems represent a challenge that hinders the development process nowadays.

     This campaign comes under the directives of Al-Azhar Grand Imam, Dr. Aḥmad Aṭ-Ṭayyib, , to stimulate Daˁwah activities and raise the level of awareness among citizens through intensifying awareness campaigns in various fields.

     In this regard, the Secretary General of the AIRA, Dr. Naẓīr ˁAyyād said that “the ideal family is the one that is based on true social foundations. Such family stands on the approach of affection and mercy in coexistence between its members. Therefore, we always emphasize the proper foundation of the family. We also emphasize the enlightened discourse addressed to its members. When the family is built on shared responsibility, constructive cooperation and mutual respect, it can achieve all factors of stability and security for its permanence”.

     ˁAyyād added that the campaign launched by the Academy with participation of Al-Azhar male and female preachers from various preaching sectors nationwide will last for two weeks. It comes in response to the requirements of the society that needs awareness of all that goes around. Such campaign aims to keep the Egyptian family not only strong and cohesive, but also has the ability to get rid of all ideas that would destroy its stability and threaten its survival.

     In this context, the campaign focuses on caring for family issues, highlighting its strengths, and rejecting all negative behaviors that may detriment its cohesion. This is because the family is considered the main component of the society, and that the more of coherent and interdependent it is, the more society will be strong.

     Finally, the Secretary-General stated that all dangerous phenomena that society suffers from nowadays are a result of family disintegration and are caused by absence of family responsibility in the first place. He assured that family members must assume their responsibilities.

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