Wednesday, June 30, 2021

"Highlights from Al-Azhar Role in Africa"... a scholarly publication by the AIRA...

"Highlights from Al-Azhar Role in Africa"... a scholarly publication by Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy (AIRA) at the Book Fair.

     The AIRA Media Center published a book entitled: "Highlights from Al-Azhar Role in Africa". The book is presented in Al-Azhar pavilion at Cairo International Book Fair, 52nd edition. This comes within the framework of Al-Azhar role in Africa over the past years. The book is considered a clear manifestation of such role in the past and at present.

     "Highlights from Al-Azhar Role in Africa" ​​is written by three professors of history and civilization at Al-Azhar University; Prof. Dr. Muḥammad ˁAlī ˁĀdilḤāfiẓ, Prof. Dr. ˁAbdul-Munˁim ˁAbdur-Raḥmān Al-ˁAdawī, and Dr. Al-Ḥusseinī Ḥammād.

     The importance of this book stems from being the first book issued by Al-Azhar to show the role of the institution in Africa through ages. It covers all aspects to unveil unknown sides published for the first time about the role of Al-Azhar in Africa. Such book is doubly significant as its authors depended on a group of original documents and official statistics which were not available for any previous studies.

     The book consists of an introduction and eight chapters:

     The first chapter shows the most important class courts  dedicated to the African students in Al-Azhar Mosque.

     The second chapter reviews the efforts of Al-Azhar sectors to serve the people of Africa.

     In addition, the third chapter is devoted to talk about Al-Azhar missions to Africa.

     In this respect, the fourth chapter deals with Al-Azhar cultural and scholarly efforts in Africa.

     The fifth chapter presents bright images of the humanitarian and social role played by Al-Azhar in Africa.

     Mainly, the sixth chapter highlights the role of Al-Azhar in supporting liberation movements in Africa.

     The seventh chapter explains the role of Al-Azhar in combating terrorism and extremist ideology in Africa.

     The eighth and final chapter introduces the most famous African characters who studied at Al-Azhar Al-Sharif since its establishment until the modern era.

     At the end, the book presents number of recommendations and suggestions in order to maximize Al-Azhar role in Africa.

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