Thursday, September 9, 2021

AIRA’s Media Center Releases the First Documentary on the Role of Al-Azhar’s Muṣḥaf Revision Committee...

AIRA’s Media Center Releases the First Documentary on the Role of Al-Azhar’s Muṣḥaf Revision Committee in Preserving the Book of Allah

     The Media Center of Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy (AIRA) announced the release of the first documentary about the history of the Muṣḥaf Revision Committee at Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, which is the oldest committee concerned with preserving the muṣḥaf (printed copy of the Noble Qur’an) at the Arab and Muslim world levels. Throughout its history, the committee has included in its membership many scholars who have inherited the scientific method they follow from their ancestors, the Qur'an scholars at Al-Azhar.

     AIRA Secretary General Dr. Naẓīr ʿAyyād said, "This documentary film shows the stages that the revision of the muṣḥaf goes through at AIRA in order to ensure the accuracy of the Qur’anic text, its compliance with the rules of writing its letters and diacritics, and its consistency with the readings (qira’āt) that go back to the Prophet (PBUH) through authentic lines of transmission. Such aims reflect the keenness of the Al-Azhar Institution, under the leadership of His Eminence the Grand Imam, Dr. Aḥmad Aṭ-Ṭayyib, Sheikh of Al-Azhar, on preserving the Book of Allah from any inaccuracies or distortions. The documentary also answers questions about ways of dealing with errors encountered during the revision process, which may amount to banning the printing and circulation of the erroneous copy.”

     The Secretary General added that the documentary highlights the qualities of the committee members, both in terms of the criteria of their selection and the qualifications they should possess, and in terms of their roles within the committee during the muṣḥaf revision phases.

The documentary can be watched here

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