Sunday, September 19, 2021

On the Sidelines of the Campaign Launched Last Week, IRA Secretary General says...

On the Sidelines of the Campaign Launched Last Week, IRA Secretary General says to Al-Azhar Male and Female Preachers in Aswan: “You have a great role in protecting people's awareness via an enlightened da’wah discourse.”

     The Secretary-General of the Islamic Research Academy (IRA), Dr. Nazeer Ayyad, held a meeting in Aswan Preaching Zone on the sidelines of the comprehensive awareness campaign launched by IRA for Aswan Governorate last week, where he met the preachers to find out the various difficulties they faced and help overcome them. The meeting was attended by Dr. Salama Dawud, Head of Al-Azhar Institutes Sector, Dr. Sa’id Amer, Assistant Secretary General for Da’wah and Religious Media at IRA, and Sheikh Yasser Al-Fiqi, Secretary of the Supreme Committee for Da’wah.

     During the meeting, the Secretary General said, “The present stage requires us to have complete awareness of the current challenges, especially those related to contemporary jurisprudential issues for which people need to know the right Islamic legal opinion (Shari’a opinion) that takes into account the realities of life and the societal problems that affect the whole community.

     Addressing Al-Azhar male and female preachers, Ayyad continued: “You have a great role in protecting the country by developing a discourse that takes into consideration people’s interests and the nature of their cultural and intellectual differences, especially young people who need a concise style that suits their mentalities and cares for the realities of their contemporary life.”

     The Secretary General also emphasized the need for cooperation between Aswan Preaching Zone and other institutions and organizations within the governorate, such as those concerned with youth and sports, culture, school and university education, and social solidarity, with the aim of spreading the values ​​of tolerance, coexistence, and patriotism among people.

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