Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Al-Azhar Delegation Meets the Grand Mufti of Nigeria...

Al-Azhar Delegation Meets the Grand Mufti of Nigeria and Discusses Al-Azhar Educational Efforts and Its Global Role in Correcting Fallacies and Spreading Peace and Tolerance Among People.

     During its visit to Nigeria, Al-Azhar delegation met Sheikh Ibrahim Saleh Al-Hussaini, the Grand Mufti of Nigeria. In this meeting, the two sides discussed aspects of academic cooperation in the fields of research and fatwas, and training Nigerian Imams and Preachers at Al-Azhar.

     In this context, Dr. Naẓīr ʿAyyād, the Secretary General of Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy (AIRA), said, "The meeting discussed the efforts of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif in the cities of Nigeria, and its role on the educational level at Al-Azhar International Institutes that work under its supervision abroad. He added that Al-Azhar provides those institutes with teachers, textbooks and Azhari curricula, which work on demonstrating the tolerance of Islam and consolidating the moderate approach of Al-Azhar."

     For his part, the Grand Mufti of Nigeria expressed his pride and appreciation of Al-Azhar global efforts to spread the true religion among all people, under the leadership of the Grand Imam, Prof. Aḥmad Aṭ-Ṭayyeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar. He also confirmed the need of the world for Al-Azhar scholars and distinguished men to correct misconceptions, and to spread world peace and tolerance among people through its moderate approach. In addition, the Grand Mufti stressed the role of Al-Azhar in clarifying the true Islam and the values it calls for in terms of cooperation, compassion and humanity, in light of  the contemporary challenges the whole world experiences.

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