Monday, November 22, 2021

AIRA Launches Direct and Electronic Awareness Campaign Entitled “Good Manners Are Part of Religion”

     In the context of the directives of the Grand Imam, Prof. Ahmad Al-Tayyeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar, the Islamic Research Academy (IRA) launches a comprehensive awareness campaign entitled "Good Manners Are Part of Religion." This is to intensify the direct awareness campaigns conducted by male and female preachers from Al-Azhar, in a way that helps achieve societal peace and family cohesion and spread positive and good values among people.

     Dr. Nazir Ayyad, the AIRA Secretary General said that the campaign program aims at explaining the Islamic teachings related to how a Muslim treats those around him in various real situations. The program is divided into two main themes: the first handles good treatment of people and the values that a Muslim is required to display in daily dealings with all segments of society. The second theme tackles the Islamic values about treating animals, based on the saying of the Prophet (PBUH), “There is a reward for being kind to every creature with a moist liver.”

     Ayyad added that Al-Azhar male and female preachers, all over Egypt, implement this campaign through direct contact with the public in clubs, youth centers, social care homes, institutes, schools, hospitals and others. It is also carried out electronically by providing a group of short messages, presented in the form of "do's and don'ts" to meet the needs of the social media audience.

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