Saturday, December 18, 2021

On World Arabic Language Day: AIRA Launches a Comprehensive Awareness Campaign...

On World Arabic Language Day: AIRA Launches a Comprehensive Awareness Campaign Entitled “The language of Qur’an: Fortress of Nations” to Confront Westernizing the Arabic language

     Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy (AIRA) launches a direct and electronic awareness campaign on World Arabic Language Day, the eighteenth of December each year, to renew the call for protecting the Arabic Language from the continuous attempts of westernization. The campaign is launched to encourage people to use and speak the Arabic language.

     "The launch of the campaign reflects the importance of the Arabic Language and its significance as one of the most important spoken languages because of its status and importance to the Arabs and Muslims throughout history,” said, AIRA Secretary General, Dr. Nazir Ayyad.

     In this context, Ayyad added that the Arabic Language is currently confronting the real danger of a foreign cultural invasion represented in the growing interest in other foreign languages, abandoning the Arabic language, and the spread of linguistic errors in Arabic. This calls us to take care of the Arabic language, and be aware of the dangers of these challenges to our identity and culture.

     Finally, the Secretary General emphasized that the responsibility of conserving the Arabic language lies with all of us— starting with the family, including the school, the university, and ending with the institutions specialized in linguistic studies and research.