Monday, March 28, 2022

AIRA Supreme Council Organizes Educational Symposium...

AIRA Supreme Council Organizes Educational Symposium Entitled “O Seeker of Good, Come Near!” Targeting International Students

     The General Secretariat of the Supreme Committee of Dawah at the Islamic Research Academy (AIRA) has held a cultural symposium for international students in the City of Islamic Missions on the occasion of the blessed month of Ramadan, under the title “O seeker of good, come near!”

     Prof.  Hassan Al-Saghir, Secretary-General of the Council of Senior Scholars and some preachers of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif have lectured in this symposium.

     This comes as part of the student activities organized by AIRA for international students from various countries at the students Hostels, ‘City of Islamic Missions’.

     The symposium dealt with a number of important topics such as rulings related to Ramadan, various rulings on fasting, and opinions of jurists on a number of jurisprudential issues related to this blessed month.

     During the symposium, fatwas on fasting were tackled and anomalous fatwas discussed and refuted. At the same time, participants were careful to facilitate Muslims’ affairs and spare them any hardships.

     The meeting also had an open discussion with the students who asked several questions that were answered clearly.

     The meeting also focused on some Companions and notable scholars as examples to follow. It showed how they behaved in the blessed month, how they worshipped, and how they dealt with people. They adhered to good societal and moral values such as forgiveness and forbearance, and refrained from vice and backbiting people.

     Such symposiums and events come in accordance with AIRA strategy to keep up constant awareness campaigns to support international students with knowledge and immunize them intellectually against any attempts that may attract them and keep them away from the moderate approach of Al-Azhar.