Thursday, May 26, 2022

AIRA Secretary-General Meets Uzbek Delegation..They Discuss Scientific Cooperation...

AIRA Secretary-General Meets Uzbek Delegation ..They Discuss Scientific Cooperation and Training of Imams to Confront Extremist Ideology


     The Secretary-General of the Islamic Research Academy (AIRA), Dr. Nazir Ayyad, met a delegation from the Republic of Uzbekistan headed by Mr. Furkat Siddikov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan. The delegation included Mr. Mansurbek Kilichev, Uzbek Ambassador to Egypt, Mr. Lutfiddin Khodjaev, Embassy Counsellor, and Mr. Ismatulla Fayzullahayev, Director of the Middle East and Africa Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan. The delegation also included Mr. Bobomurod Rustamov, Head of the Department of Religious Schools and Scientific Research Centers at the Uzbek Cabinet and Mr. Otabek Alimov, Cultural Attaché of the Embassy of Uzbekistan.

     This meeting was held in the presence of Dr. Mahmoud Al-Hawari, Assistant Secretary for Dawah and Religious Media, Dr. Ilham Muhammad Shaheen, Assistant Secretary-General for the female preachers’ affairs, Sheikh Yasser Al-Fiqi, Secretary of the Supreme Committee of the Islamic Dawah and Dr. Hassan Khalil, Assistant Secretary for Islamic Culture.

     During this meeting, the two sides discussed ways of cooperation in diverse fields such as cooperation in correcting misconceptions, confronting extremist movements and the phenomenon of Islamophobia. The delegation also discussed preparing cooperation protocols in many scientific and research fields, training Imams and preachers, and obtaining the help of Al-Azhar scholars in Arabic Language studies, in addition to discussing the affairs of Uzbek students who are studying at Al-Azhar.

     The Secretary-General welcomed the delegation, expressing his happiness for the joint scientific cooperation, stressing that AIRA as one of Al-Azhar institutions, headed by the Grand Imam Prof. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar, is keen on the scientific and cultural cooperation and exchanging experience with all scientific and educational institutions and research centers in Uzbekistan.


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