Saturday, August 6, 2022

AIRA Al-Quds Committee Condemns Zionist Terrorist Acts Against Palestinians

     Al-Quds and Dialogue Committee of Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy (AIRA) vehemently condemns the criminal acts committed by the Zionist entity against Palestinian civilians, after its attack on Gaza Strip and killing dozens of children and women amidst global silence towards these brutal and racist acts.

     The Committee affirms that these terrorist practices by the Zionist entity against the defenseless Palestinian people are a serious and clear violation of all international and even humanitarian covenants and norms. It also stresses that the continuation of this brutal occupation to violate and infringe on Palestinians’ rights and usurp their land will never be a tool of pressure on the Palestinians and Arabs to abandon their sanctities or their lands. Rather they will be a calamity for their perpetrators and a disgrace to those who support them from the international community.

     In this context, the Committee calls on world leaders and human rights institutions to take a serious action towards these terrorist practices against the Palestinian people, who have suffered due to the global system inability to protect those people and their properties and sanctities that have been subjected to flagrant violations for a long time. The Committee calls on the international media and the conscientious officials to expose the practices of this usurping entity that claims democracy and respect for human rights.

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