The Muslim Council of Elders confronts reviling Prophet Muhammed by a legal report...

  • 1 December 2021
The Muslim Council of Elders confronts reviling Prophet Muhammed by a legal report...

The Muslim Council of Elders confronts reviling Prophet Muhammed by a legal report introducing Muslims to their rights in Europe and the US

     In a meeting held yesterday under the chairmanship of H. Em. the Grand Imam Prof. Ahmed Al-Tayyeb, the Muslim Council of Elders discussed the escalating violent acts against Muslims in Western communities and the role of legal measures taken in the West as to hate speech against Islam, its noble Prophet and Islamic symbols and sanctities.

     The Council issued a special report about the legal position on combating hate speech against Islam and litigation procedures in Europe represented by France, Germany, England and Wales, in addition to the United States. The report introduces Muslims to their constitutional rights; legally prohibited behaviors; legal provisions of combating hate speech communicated through satellite channels, the press, media platforms, and websites; and ways to deal with the crimes of libel, defamation, insults and incitement to discrimination, hatred and violence on the basis of race or religion in their respective countries. The Council approved a recommendation to discuss the report with Western sages and thinkers.

     Al-Tayyeb said that the rise in Islamophobia in Western societies and the recurrence of violent incidents against Muslims in the West requires the Council to fulfill its duty to publicize the rights of Muslims, confront this abusive phenomenon and pursue the various legal paths and means to confront anyone who is tempted to desecrate the symbols and sanctities of Muslims, while taking the necessary legal guarantees to preserve the rights and dignity of Muslims in Western societies.


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