Al-Azhar Observer praises Pope Francis' Condemnation of linking Islam with Violence
Al-Azhar Observer in Foreign Languages highly praises the statements of Pope Francis to reporters about Islam aboard the plane flying him back from Poland to Rome. The Pope stated that there it is not right to identity Islam with violence as this...
Wednesday, 3 August, 2016
Al-Azhar Denounces Munich Shooting and Appreciates German Government's Prudence
Al-Azhar denounces in the strongest terms the shooting attack that targeted a shopping center in the southern city of Munich, Friday evening and has killed and injured multiple individuals. Al-Azhar also stresses its strong condemnation of such...
Sunday, 24 July, 2016
Al-Azhar Al-Sharif Condemns the Orlando’s Terror Attack
Al-Azhar Al-Sharif strongly condemns the terror attack which took place in Orlando, Florida, and which resulted in the murder of 50 and the injury of 53 others. In this connection, Al-Azhar strongly stresses that such awful and barbaric crimes...
Tuesday, 14 June, 2016
Al-Azhar University and Catholic University sign a protocol on cooperation in Paris
c to Paris, His Eminence, Prof. Ahmed Al-Tayyeb, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, and Head of the Muslim Council of Elders, delegated Prof. Ibrahim Al-Hudhud, Rector of Al-Azhar University to sign a protocol between Al-Azhar University and the...
Saturday, 28 May, 2016
The Grand Imam meets with the President of the French Senate
The Grand Imam: * We are determined to combat the extremist ideology … and are willing to establish a cultural center in Paris to introduce the authentic faith  * There must be a body responsible for administering Mosques in...
Friday, 27 May, 2016

Jerusalem…The Arab Right vs. Zionist Allegations*
By Prof. Al-Husainy Hassan Hammad[1] Translated by Elsayed Zakaria Abu Amer[2]   Jerusalem, the Holy city of peace, is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is of an Arab origin and Islamic identity whose roots date back to...
Sunday, 31 March, 2024
Self-Defense, Vengeance or All-Out War against Civilians?
By/ Elsayed Zakaria Abuamer, PhD; AOCE English Unit
Wednesday, 28 February, 2024
Palestinian Cause: Al-Azhar’s Stance
By: Asmaa Muhammad Yusuf, Eng. Unit, AOCE
Tuesday, 30 January, 2024
Breaches of Professional Standards by Western Media and their Collusion against the Gaza Strip
     The media holds a crucial role in covering global conflicts, ideally presenting events as they occur without external interference, abiding by professional standards to fulfill its mission effectively. However, scrutiny of...
Wednesday, 10 January, 2024
Zio-ISIS Terrorism … The Zionist Entity and ISIS are Two Sides of the Same Coin
     A cursory examination of current global events, when compared to the terrorist activities worldwide, readily reveals striking parallels between the Zionist operations targeting Gaza and the nefarious deeds of terrorist...
Saturday, 30 December, 2023