In His Second European Tour, Al-Azhar Grand Imam Visits Germany and Addresses the Whole World from the Bundstag
His eminence Prof. Ahmed Al-Tayyeb, Al-Azhar Grand Imam and Chairman of Muslim Council of Elders travels today for the German capital, Berlin in a multi-day tour during which he is to address the West from the Bundstag. The Grand Imam's tour...
Monday, 14 March, 2016
In a great formal and public ceremony,… Indonesia grants the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar an Honorary doctorate…
His Excellency affirms… The Message of Al-Azahr Al-Sharif is to adhere to the methodology of Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jama'ah with its different schools Amid formal and public interest, the Governmental Islamic University of Maulana...
Thursday, 25 February, 2016
Addressing the Ummah in his historic speech from Jakarta, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar replies to the misconception of persecuting the East’s Christians
Addressing the Ummah in his historic speech from Jakarta, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar replies to the misconception of persecuting the East’s Christians, stressing: - The Indonesian people are one of the most essential pillars of the...
Wednesday, 24 February, 2016
In a lecture delivered at Al-Azhar Mosque in Jakarta, Al-Azhar Grand Imam Advises the People of the Sunnah in South-East Asia to protect their Creed
His eminence Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayyib, Al-Azhar Grand Imam and the Head of the Muslim Council of Elders delivered a lecture at Al-Azhar Al-Sharif Mosque in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta in which he advised students to firmly adhere to the...
Tuesday, 23 February, 2016
From Jakarta... The Grand Imam warns Indonesians from the danger of spreading of Shiism in their country
The Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Prof. Dr. Ahmed al-Tayeb; the head of the Muslim Council of Elders the Indonesian, as their country is the largest purist Sunni Muslim country, against the danger of calls for the Shiism. During his visit to the Centre...
Tuesday, 23 February, 2016

Palestinian Cause: Al-Azhar’s Stance
By: Asmaa Muhammad Yusuf, Eng. Unit, AOCE
Tuesday, 30 January, 2024
Breaches of Professional Standards by Western Media and their Collusion against the Gaza Strip
     The media holds a crucial role in covering global conflicts, ideally presenting events as they occur without external interference, abiding by professional standards to fulfill its mission effectively. However, scrutiny of...
Wednesday, 10 January, 2024
Zio-ISIS Terrorism … The Zionist Entity and ISIS are Two Sides of the Same Coin
     A cursory examination of current global events, when compared to the terrorist activities worldwide, readily reveals striking parallels between the Zionist operations targeting Gaza and the nefarious deeds of terrorist...
Saturday, 30 December, 2023
Language Wars
By: Osama Raslan, Ph.D., legal linguist, head, AOCE English Unit
Wednesday, 22 November, 2023
Mercy Proven or Disproven? Timelining Moḥamad’s Life
By: Osama M. Raslan, Ph.D.
Tuesday, 31 October, 2023