The Scheme against Al-Azhar

  • | Friday, 8 January, 2016

I do not think that there are people among us who are still unaware of Al-Azhar role in maintaining societal peace and spreading the moderate teaching of Islam; not only in Egypt, but within most of the Muslim world countries. Also I do not think that there are people among us who can deny the role of Al-Azhar in explaining the true teachings of our religion to us through its scholars on pulpits, in the Noble Qur‘an Broadcast, in the school lessons or in anywhere else. I do not think that there are people among us who are unaware of the historical role of Al-Azhar in resisting the foreign occupation, in mobilizing people against the Zionist occupation and in teaching the principles and pillars of religion all over the world. I do not think that there are people who do not realize that Al-Azhar is teaching the four schools of Islamic Jurisprudence; that is, it does not incline to the fanaticism of the Wahhabis nor does it incline to the extremism of ISIS or the terrorism of those who unlawfully rebel against the Muslim rulers at any time. 
Perhaps, this may be the secret behind this fierce attack against Al-Azhar and its Grand Imam at this period of time through a systematic campaign whose landmarks and finance are known. Within the framework of this scheme which became as clear as the daylight and which aims at spreading extremism and terrorism far and wide in the region in preparation for the class warfare which have already started in a number of countries around us nowadays, Al-Azhar is still the only solid and authenticated religious authority which are capable of performing its role in all respects. This role of Al-Azhar is perfectly known and recognized by the leaders of this campaign that may be called at least ‘a suspicious campaign’. 
No sooner does a prejudiced person who claims reasoning and innovative thinking, and is falsely counted as an advocate of authentic religion disappear, than another is put forward in his place as a part of the process of exchanging miserable, desperate roles. Those schemers have shamelessly gone so far that they demand international prosecution of Al-Azhar on charges of spreading terrorism, blacklisting Al-Azhar as a terrorist organization as well as other offences that reflect unprecedented stupidity and audacity amidst official silence. Egypt, should this silence persist, will have to pay a heavy price as best evidenced by the extremism that has gone epidemic everywhere.
The serious multi-sided endeavors done now in the broad daylight in order to undermine the principles of religion and distort the image of Al-Azhar and its scholars only require an official stand to put an end to this farce as the public's stand in this case would trigger violence and confrontation. I do not think it would be fair to ask the outstanding scholars of Al-Azhar to be involved in any sort of debate with a bunch of ignorant people who primarily do not believe in the existence of the Creator. Thus, dialogue with them would be worthless as their discourse proceeds from spiteful books and uses obscene language, to which no one should listen.
Yet, we are not against dialogue or to have an argument and counter-argument. In the same time, however, we emphasize that any form of dialogue should be balanced, reasonable, logical and scholarly-based one. It is not right as well that semi-educated people be introduced to do a battle with a weighty personality like the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar who realized, from the very beginning, the essence of the matter and abstained from being involved in such a situation. 
However, and despite our support for him, the current local as well as regional situations are so critical to the extent that it requires that an end should be put to the daily tragedy. Such tragedy have brought about  a state of tension, confusion and public resentment among the Egyptian people who become aware of the reality of the matter; which is considered the beginning of a crisis that may afflict all the Egyptian community.
Dear readers! Any talk about the religious discourse, or what is called renewal thereof, shall be exclusively the responsibility of Al-Azhar. Any other suggestion is irrelevant and aims at creating chaos.  

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