Al-Azhar Al-Sharif offers its condolence to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and families of all martyrs who died in Mecca stampede

  • | Saturday, 3 October, 2015

Al-zhar Al-Sharif and its Grand Imam Prof. Dr.Ahmad Al-Tayyeb affirm their full support to the sincere efforts that the brotherly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia exerts to serve pilgrims, stressing that the king, people and government of Saudi Arabia have been spending money and sparing no effort in serving pilgrims and enabling them to perform Hajj easily. In the same vein, Al-Azhar confirms the undeniable role of the kingdom in ensuring the safety and security of pilgrims throughout history in such a way that testifies to the sincerity of this kind and generous country in serving the Two Holy Mosques.

In this regard, Al-Azhar Al-Sharif offers its condolence to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the governments, peoples and families of all martyrs who died in a stampede that took place in the area of Mina on the outskirts of the holy city of Mecca, hoping that they may be resurrected reciting the Takbir (Allah is the Greatest) and Tahlil (There is no God but Allah) before Allah, the Almight, and that they may be admitted in the highest ranks on the Day of Judgment.

Accordingly, Al-Azhar condemns all unjustified exaggerations aiming at distorting the history of undeniable role of the brotherly K.S.A in serving pilgrims, in an attempt to claim the K.S.A's responsibility for Mina incident. Furthermore, it stresses that K.S.A's efforts in serving pilgrims and its ability to secure and take care of them cannot be neglected, and that any attempt made by certain countries and their allies to degrade the role of K.S.A'sisa sort of exploitation of this painful incident to provoke political conflict and to increase hateful sectarian strife driven by malicious agendas.

Finally, Al-Azhar asks Allah, the Almighty, to protect the Arab and Muslim nations from all evil.

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