The Grand Imam launches Al-Azhar observer

  • | Wednesday, 3 June, 2015
The Grand Imam launches Al-Azhar observer

Peace be upon you,

Welcome to al-Azhar al-Sharif

Drawing on the role of al-Azhar al-Sharif in dealing with the issues of the Muslim Ummah, its keenness on spreading the middle course of Islam and warding off all forms of fanaticism and extremism; and in light of today's technological revolution and the evolution of events which make it incumbent upon al-Azhar institution to cope with and invest in face of these misconceptions abusing Islam and Muslims, especially such misconceptions stemming from those so-called Muslims, the idea of establishing al-Azhar Observer in Foreign Languages had come to existence. Al-Azhar Observer is concerned with monitoring all the world events and day to day news, and to fulfill the hopes and wishes of the Ummah's sincere people who are permanently looking forward to knowing the view of al-Azhar on the contemporary issues and the latest developments.

As a matter of fact, this Observer gives al-Azhar al-Sharif the room to positively react and respond to events through the information spotted and analyzed by the members of the Observer. In such a way, al-Azhar will be able to take the suitable measures required for tackling issues relating to Islam, its sciences and culture, to respond and to correct the misconceptions.

Due to the fact that al-Azhar adopts a contemporary and new approach and pays attention to making use of youths able to interact with the various cultures and civilizations, the employees of this Observer were chosen from among the researchers who master the foreign languages and those who are specialized in Shar'i sciences; youths who are qualified to understand all what is said about Islam and to distinguish the wicked from the bad among such pile of statements about this pure religion, be they good or bad.

Our aim is to make al-Azhar Observer a fortification which immune the Muslim youths and young generations all over the world from the danger of being polarized by the deviant terrorist groups through presenting a counter narrative and clarifying the brilliant facts of Islam stemmed from the Glorious Qur'an, authentic Prophetic traditions and the statements of the righteous ancestors. This can also be done by replying to all what is raised by the enemies of Islam via the world wide web, social media, newspapers, world magazines, journals as well as all the research centers interested in the Islamic affairs which all aim at distorting the image of Islam and its teachings and deepening the feelings of hate and fear from Islam and intentionally mixing it with terrorism and extremism.

May Allah protect Egypt and the Arab and Islamic worlds and grant al-Azhar success in conveying the message of Islam and serving Muslims.


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