Activities of “ Al – Azhar Brings Us Together” Launched throughout the Nation

  • | Wednesday, 25 February, 2015
Activities of “ Al – Azhar Brings Us Together” Launched throughout the Nation

Under the auspices of the Grand Imam Dr. Ahmad AI- Tayyeb, Sheikh Al-Azhar, the initiative of "Al-Azhar Brings Us Together" proceeds with its activities throughout the country in all governorates, through a number of cultural seminars which aim at confronting negative phenomena and call for abiding by positive values, and good morals called upon by all revealed religions.

The initiative activities received wide attendance and active participation from all groups and factions in society throughout the various governorates. There were meetings and discussions held on a number of topics and important issues namely: "Together we condemn violence and extremism", "Our Homeland is for all", "The role model in the lives of our children", "One's need for religion", and "Seeking knowledge is a goal".

The activities of "Al-Azhar Brings Us Together" will be part of all the cultural activities of the Ministry of Youth and Sports held all over the nation. Moreover, a number of seminars and cultural dialogues will be held alongside the regularly organized seminars throughout 4000 youth centers all over the country.

The activities will continue to proceed throughout the academic year in coordination with the Ministry of Youth and Sports to include the participation of university, institutes and school students and all youth in the various governorates. This is part of the comprehensive plan proposed by the Grand Imam Sheikh Al-Azhar to communicate with Egyptian youth to correct misconceptions, strengthen the sense of belonging and instill the value of citizenship.

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