The Grand Imam of Al Azhar meets the Italian Ambassador

  • | Wednesday, 18 February, 2015
The Grand Imam of Al Azhar meets the Italian Ambassador

His Eminence Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb welcomed H.E. Mr.  Maurizio Massari the Ambassador of Italy in Cairo. During the meeting they discussed the bilateral relations between Al-Azhar Al-Shareef and Italy.
Mr. Maurizio expressed his sincere condolences to the Grand Imam on the victims of the terrorist acts, expressing the Italian people solidarity with the Egyptians in combating terrorism.
“The Italian Public opinion appreciates the contributions of Al-Azhar, under the leadership of the Grand Imam, to support international peace and stability. It also appreciates Al-Azhar sponsorship of the values of tolerance, justice and mercy in Egypt and the world” H.E. Ambassador assured.
“My visit to Mashyakhat Al-Azhar comes within consultation efforts with Al-Azhar, and to know its policy towards the Arab World’s current events” H.E Ambassador added.
Mr. Maurizio invited the Grand Imam to attend a Conference for Peace in Florence, Italy. 
The Grand Imam, from his side, expressed his appreciation to the Italian Government and people for their solidarity with other peoples in their war against terrorism.
“Al-Azhar strategy in confronting the Terrorism ideology depends on many axes, as Al-Azhar organizes awareness campaigns to communicate with young men and ordinary peoples to aware them of this great danger. In addition, Al-Azhar will launch its satellite channel very soon, a channel that will adopt Al-Azhar ideology and approach in order to deliver its moderation to the world” His Eminence said.
“The whole world, including Arab and international powers, are all in need to work together for removing this evil terrorism that has no relevant to any religion or human principle” His Eminence assured.
“The Western Countries, especially the NATO members, had to reconstruct Libya instead of destroying it and leaving it to these armed militias that threaten its neighbor countries’ peace and security”. His Eminence added.
“I hope that Italy will play an effective role in correcting the situation of the region, and to solve its problems that resulted from external interference” His Eminence said.

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