Al Azhar Mosque interprets the Friday Sermon into English

  • | Wednesday, 28 January, 2015
Al Azhar Mosque interprets the Friday Sermon into English


In emphasis of Al-Azahar role in spreading the sound and moderate Islamic teachings and rejuvenating its misunderstood concepts under the aegis and auspices of the Grand Imam of Al-azhar, Prof. Ahmad Al tayyeb in the bosom of Azhar Mosque, the administration of Al-Azahar Mosque has announced that Jumu'at prayers' sermons will, now be highlighted and interpreted In English language for benefiting the non-Arabic speaking Muslims.

That exercise will be through the application of power point and data show techniques, fifteen minutes after the prayers in Al-Maghariba corridor/corner of the mosque.

Consequently, this new approach of a task has been undertaken by Sheikh Hossam Ed-Deen Allam, Fiqh lecturer in English language by using the said applications and technology to convey the message to the non-Arabic speaking foreigners. This move is considered a paradigm shift in upgrading the series of services which the great mosque offers, especially in making sure that the learners of Islamic teachings in its classes enjoy sound comprehension of Islam in their own languages.

It is remebered that this application has been useful to the muslims of some foreign countries such as The USA, Germany, Italy, India, Malaysia, and Indonesia, who expressed their heartfelt appreciation of the move, as it enables them to understand all the contents of the Jumuah (Friday) prayers' sermons in such modernised and simplified ways

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