The Ambassador of India to Egypt Pays a Visit to Al-Azhar Observatory

  • | Wednesday, 20 December, 2017
The Ambassador of India to Egypt Pays a Visit to Al-Azhar Observatory

     Tuesday, 19th December 2017, His Excellency Sanjay Bhattacharyya, the Ambassador of India to the Arab Republic of Egypt paid a visit to Al-Azhar Global Observatory and Fatwa Center in order to see the activities and efforts of the Observatory in the context of combating extremism and promoting the culture of coexistence and peace.
Mr. Bhattacharyya lauded the efforts carried out by the institution, which works in more than ten languages stating, “The observatory of Al Azhar has acquired special significance in view of growing radicalization and resort to Violence, often by the youth, by people who distort the understanding and tenants of faith. Transferring the belief of such people back to the basic creed of love and peace is an imperative for all members of the global Community”.
Mr. Bhattacharyya was briefed about the activities of the Observatory and the efforts it is making in countering terrorism and extremism as well as its role in correcting misconceptions and spreading the true and pure image of Islam by Dr. Kamal Boriaqa’, the head of the English Unit at the Observatory, and Dr. Reham Salama, the head of the Urdu Unit at the Observatory.
Mr. Bhattacharyya expressed his confidence in the Observatory stating, “I trust the observatory will continue to work for not only countering the growing trends of extremism, but will promote peace and love among all communities and faiths of the world.”
During the visit, Mr. Bhattacharyya was accompanied by Ambassador Abdulrahman Musa, the Grand Imam’s adviser for international students’ affairs.


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