In his first African tour, Al-Azhar Grand Imam visits Senegal and Nigeria

  • | Tuesday, 10 May, 2016

His eminence Prof. Dr. Ahmed al-Tayyeb, al-Azhar Grand Imam and chairman of the Muslim Council of Elders will pay a visit to Senegal and Nigeria within the next few days. This visit is the first of its kind since al-Tayyeb assumes the office of al-Azhar.
The Grand Imam is scheduled to meet the President and the prime minister of each of the two countries. His eminence is also expected to meet with the two countries’ senior officials.
The visit is expected to witness a number of events, meetings and activities aiming at maintaining values of peace, spreading the culture of co-existence and tolerance, disseminating the true meanings of Islam, and emphasizing the fact that Islam truly rejects violence and terrorism. Al-Tayyeb is also expected to hold meetings with the youths of the two countries to warn them against the dangers of the misguided and deviant thought.
His eminence al-Azhar Grand Imam is furthermore scheduled to deliver a speech for Muslims all over the world; inside and outside Africa. In the same vein, al-Tayyeb is due to give a lecture, which will be attended by senior scholars as well as a number of public figures.
The Grand Imam’s tour to Africa receives great attention at all the official and media levels.


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