The Grand Imam meets “Enactus Al-Azhar” team and lauds their honorable representation of Egypt

  • | Wednesday, 16 September, 2020
The Grand Imam meets “Enactus Al-Azhar” team and lauds their honorable representation of Egypt

     The Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif Dr. Ahmad Attayeb received and congratulated -on Sunday- Al-Azhar University Enactus team that won the first prize in “Enactus World Cup 2020” for Business leadership and community projects, representing Egypt, beating students from 32 prestigious world universities. 
Lauding the success of Al-Azhar Team, Ms. Fatma Serry, the executive director of “Enactus Egypt” said that Al-Azhar students proved the capability of Al-Azhar students locally and internationally, leaving a great impression on participants from other countries. Ms. Serry added that this is the first time a first-time –participant wins the World Cup.
The World Cup winners expressed their happiness to meet the Grand Imam and receive his support throughout all the stages of the competition; marking that this meeting will be a new beginning towards more work and innovation.
The students said that the idea for their project arouse from a problem they witnessed in Quaron Lake in Fayoum Governorate –once the biggest producer of shrimps nationwide-; fishermen working in Quaron lake were hit by a break down in fishing activities when the lake was struck in 2010 by a parasite known as “Isopod” leading to a disastrous killing of sea life in the lake. Having to earn their living –after the fall down in fishing activities in the lake because of the parasite- hundreds of women had to work in the industry of peeling shrimps, which is very tiring job for almost no pay. 
Hence the team decided to turn down falls into opportunities and reuse “shrimp shells” in making 5 main products (spices, organic fertilizers, medical facemasks, shrimp farms, and organic filters) not to mention purifying the lake itself; providing sustainable job opportunities for 800 women.

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